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From the Rabbi - November 2010 PDF Print E-mail

Dear Friends:

Food Fest will not be here for another two weeks, but I can already taste the delicious cabbage rolls, the kugel, the corned beef and, of course, my favorites, the half dill pickles shipped in from Brooklyn.  On Saturday, November 13 and Sunday, November 14, true “soul food” will be available in the Grossman Auditorium.

I am always awed and a little shocked to see the line of people who snake around our building at 5:00 PM Saturday evening in anticipation of this wonderful meal.  Yes, we all love the food, but there is so much more.  There are raffles and prizes and resale items and baked goods – something for everyone.

For CBI, there is, of course, a substantial financial benefit, mostly thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Sisterhood.  The contribution that Food Fest makes to the annual budget of the congregation helps us stay on a fiscally-responsible keel and is intensely appreciated.

But there are two other positive features of Food Fest that we should never forget.  The first is the sense of common purpose and friendship that develops among all the members – and there are a lot of you – who work to make the weekend such a success.  I’ve never found a better place to forge a community than in a kitchen.  In your own homes, where do guests often gather?  In the kitchen!  The CBI kitchens play a central role in the bonds that connect each of us to others in the congregation.

Beyond that, however, is the outreach that Food Fest represents into the general community.  Napoleon said that an army travels on its stomach.  I’ve got news for him, if he’s listening.  The message of Judaism and the appreciation and acceptance of Jews in Corpus Christi travels on a corned beef sandwich and pickle and some rogelach.  Nothing else that we do enhances our positive image in the community more than these two days in November.

So, if you have not yet signed up to help, there’s still time.  And, if you can’t work, at least come, bring some friends and treat everyone to a wonderful taste of Jewish cuisine.  At one and the same time, you’ll have fun and you’ll be doing something good for all of us.

Meanwhile, I’ll see you at the pickle booth.

            Kenneth D. Roseman, Rabbi



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