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Corpus Christi Community Religious School

Our students have been busy this month.  Rikki Schmitchel’s class is studying Torah.  They tell each week’s story in pictures and mount them on the scroll they made earlier in the year.

In addition to making their own Mitzvah Books, Elisa Cox’s students are learning blessings.  I listened to them recite “Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech ha’olam, Borei p’ri ha’eitz” before eating their fruit salad snack.  Yummy!

Brian Honnigbaum and Dave Ryan spend time each week with their students reading and discussing Torah and learning about the Holocaust.

Students in the class led by Chelsea Eisenberg, with assistance from Laurie and Amanda McKinley, are studying Jewish values.  Students worked in groups to research and then present heroes who promote Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.  They also created a website for Yitzhak Rabin, former prime minister of Israel.

Our teachers are doing a great job!

In addition to programs for our young people at Camp Young Judaea and Greene Family Camp, our teens have opportunities from NFTY: NFTY Adventure (4 weeks in Israel), NFTY L’Dor ( 1 week in Eastern Europe followed by 3 weeks in Israel), NFTY Ole’ (1 week in Spain and 4 weeks in Israel), JewGlee (1 week in New York + 1 week in Eastern Europe followed by 3 weeks in Israel of Choral Musical Performing and Touring), NFTY-EIE Summer Session (6 week academic program for high school credit), and Israel in a Special Way (3 weeks in Israel for teens with special needs.  For more information on these programs, visit This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Don’t forget our Family Service and Dinner on March 4th.  Molly Glazer from ISJL will be visiting that weekend.



For those of you who do not know already, I have resigned as the Program Director for CBI.  We are expecting a baby and the time has come to cut back on outside work for myself.  I have enjoyed preparing the Shabbat dinners over the years and will miss my monthly time in the kitchen with all of my wonderful friends.  I wanted to thank everyone who has helped me over the years to make all of these fantastic Shabbat dinners.  Without all of your help, I would not have been able to make such great dinners for our congregants.  

One thing that I have truly come to appreciate about these dinners is the opportunity our congregants have to socialize with one another.  What a wonderful sight it is to see so many members getting to know one another and sharing a meal while laughing and just relaxing.  These opportunities will fortunately not end with my retirement.  Leslie Green has agreed to take over my position.  She will be preparing the dinners and setting up the tables as well.  She is an accomplished cook and has excellent ideas for the upcoming year.  I encourage everyone to welcome her with open arms and some of your time in preparing the meals.  This job is very rewarding and difficult at the same time.  If you are interested in helping Leslie cook, I know that she will be very grateful.

Thank you all for coming to these dinners and for your compliments; everyone touched my heart.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming Shabbat dinners…. this time as a guest.

                                Meredith Ryan

As Meredith Ryan steps down and I take over cooking the Family Shabbat Dinners,  I know I am not alone in saying a great big THANK YOU to Meredith for all her hard work as programming director as well as planning and cooking delicious dinners for the the congregation over the past 2 years.

I'm very excited about our upcoming Family Shabbat Dinners together and want you all to know that I welcome your suggestions for future meals.  You can email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and tell me what you'd like to see on the dinner table!

The one thing I have enjoyed about our Family Shabbat Dinners over the past few years is knowing I will see my Jewish friends and CBI family at least one night a month to welcome the sabbath together, share a home-cooked meal, good conversation, yummy desserts and now, a fabulous Tot Shabbat for our children!  Since Jason and I don't have any family in Corpus, we look forward to spending time with other families, and it feels like “home.”

If you haven't come to a Family Shabbat Dinner, please join us.  At the very least, it's one night you won't have to cook!  Also, if you know a new family or individual in town, invite them with you for dinner to meet the CBI family and make new friends.

Mark your calendars for our next Family Shabbat Dinner on March 4th. Can't wait to break bread together!!

                                Leslie Green
                                Programming Director



On this date, CBI will honor its former President and long-time member, Rona Train, as she and L.A. undertake their move to a new home in Houston.  The service will be conducted by members of the congregation & Rabbi Roseman, and the Oneg Shabbat will be in her honor. We hope everyone can be present to express our ratitude for all that  Rona has done to make our congregation the vibrant and alive place it is today.


Upcoming Events

Wednesday, march 2nd  
General Board Meeting @ 5:30 CBI

Friday, April 8th
We will honor Rona Train for her many contributions to our community. Please consider bringing a baked good for this special Oneg. Please join us as we wish Rona and L.A. the very best in their home in Houston.

Sunday, April 10th (4-6pm)
Save the date! Get ready for Passover with our
2nd annual wine tasting and “Passover friendly”
appetizers and desserts.

Tuesday, April 19th
2nd Night Congregational Passover Seder
(Please see insert for more information)



    …will be out of the city, leading the trip to Israel, until March 12.   Services will be conducted by dedicated members of the congregation.  In the event of an emergency, please call Debbie Bustillo at the CBI office (857-8181) during regular business hours and she will be able to get in touch with the rabbi.  Should an emergency occur outside of regular office hours, please call either our president, Maury Wolfson at 991-6187 or our Vice-President, Suzy Hilliard at 992-3970 and they will be able to assist you in contacting the rabbi if necessary.

    …will be conducting a Purim program for the students at the JCC Pre-school on the morning of Monday, March 21.  He has threatened to wear a costume!

    …on the evening of Tuesday, March 22, he will not be wearing a costume, but he has been honored by a request that he deliver the benediction at the Christus Spohn Lyceum at which former President George W. Bush will be the guest speaker.



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Religious Services


Friday,  November 30
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm


Saturday,  December 1
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday,  December 7
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm
*Family dinner to follow

Saturday, December 8
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday, December 14
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  December 15
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday, December 21
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  December 22
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday,  December 28
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  December 29
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am


Friday,  January 4
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  January 5
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am 

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