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Corpus Christi Community Religious School

Classes have been busy since returning from winter break.  Students with Chelsea Eisenberg and Laura Spector are studying life cycle events.  Laurie McKinley’s class had a Tu BiShevat seder and also made posters for the Bal Tashchit bulletin board.  Brittany Hilliard’s students continue writing in their journals about their lessons.  Look for pictures in this bulletin.  All the classes will be planting parsley seeds, which should produce plants in time for Passover.  

Erin Kahal, our ISJL Education Fellow, will be visiting us February 17th-19th.  She will be the guest of the Ryan Family.

Parents and students, it’s time to be thinking about summer camp.  We have brochures here at CBI or you can get information and even register online.  For Greene Family Camp, go to www.greene.urjcamps.org and for Camp Young Judaea, go to www.cyjtexas.org.

There are scholarships available for CBI members to attend summer camp.  Chris and Robert Adler established the Adler Family Camp Scholarship to support participation of Jewish youth in Jewish camp experiences. The Ruth and Joseph Sikora Scholarship Fund Youth Award provides scholarship assistance to youth whose families are members of CBI so that they might attend a traditional Jewish sleep-away camp or supervised trip to Israel.  The Train Family Children’s Scholarship Fund encourages youth to participate in Jewish camps and activities.  Applications for all of these scholarships are available in the CBI office.

Parents, please mark your calendars – We will not have Hebrew School on Thursday, February 23rd.



Thank you to everyone who joined us last month for our Family Shabbat Dinner.  I want to extend a very special THANK YOU to George Barron for helping me in the kitchen.  George, you are a bigger help than you realize and I appreciate you so much!!!

I want you all to know how much I enjoy preparing these meals for you and decorating the room too!  However, I have to say how disappointed I am that more our CBI families are not showing up for this special time once a month.  There are not many synagogues that can provide a family shabbat dinner for their congregants … let alone at no cost to them!!  Please think about bringing your family to enjoy a home-cooked meal, an evening of bringing in the sabbath together, and making new friends or seeing old ones.

Our next Family Shabbat Dinner will be on Friday, February 17th at 6pm with dinner to follow.  

Please bring a yummy dessert to share.  If you have time to spare, I could always use some help in the kitchen, so give me a call.

Until we break bread together again,

Leslie Green
Programming Director


The ladies of CBI Sisterhood gathered at the home of Judy Itkin on Monday, January 23, 2012 for an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company while tasting wines from Israel and indulging in a little nosh.  We had a lovely evening and appreciate the Itkin’s hospitality.  Thank you Jeff and Judy, you are great!

Friday, February 24th the women of CBI Sisterhood will be conducting the Shabbat services and hosting the Oneg Shabbat after the service.  We hope that everyone will be able to come celebrate with us.  We are planning a fun celebration of Shabbat.

Aside from the two activities mentioned above, CBI Sisterhood is hard at work planning the second night sedar for Pesach.  More details to follow.

Robin Adams, CBI Sisterhood President


A large number of Jews don’t know what Tu B’Shevat is; many have never even heard of it.  So, here’s a primer about this early Spring Jewish holiday.
The semiholiday Hamishah Asar Bishevat (the 15th day of the month of Shevat) marks the first day of spring in the land of Israel.  It occurs six weeks after Hanukkah.  The Mishnah (ca. 200 C.E.) refers to it as “the new year for trees.”  Since ancient times, the Jewish people have observed it by eating fruit grown in Israel and, with the rise of Zionism, as the festival of “Jewish Arbor Day,” observed by planting trees in Israel.
In the land of Israel, always largely arid, trees were regarded as special gifts from God. There are many symbolic allusions to trees in the Bible, especially the olive which sends up new shoots to continue the life of an old tree that dies.  Trees are represented as symbols of goodness and nobility.  In Psalm 1 the upright person is compared to “a tree planted near a stream that bears fruit in due season, with leaves that never fade.”  Psalm 92 tells us that “the righteous will flourish like a palm tree; they will grow like a cedar in Lebanon.”
It was customary to plant a tree in Israel when a child was born: a cedar for a boy and a cypress for a girl, who then cared for their own trees as they were growing up.  (We have both varieties planted in the grove on the east side of the CBI property.)  Branches from their own trees were used for the poles of the huppah on the day of their marriages.
Today, when the reforestation of Israel is an absolute necessity, Jewish children through the world are asked to raise funds for the planting of trees for the rehabilitation of the land.  Forests are planted in different parts of the country by the generous response to the blue-box appeals of the Jewish National Fund. The celebration of Tu B’Shevat in the Diaspora also serves to induce Jews to buy and use products from Israel.


The award-winning film, Sarah’s Key, will be shown at CBI on Saturday afternoon, February 18 at 4:00 PM.

A decades-old mystery unsolved.  A courageous life unknown.  A family’s secrets untold – until now.  An American journalist living in Paris is assigned to cover the anniversary of France’s notorious 1942 Vel’ d’Hiv roundup of Jews in WWII.  She’s stunned to discover that her own apartment was the scene of an unspeakable incident committed during the war.  Her husband’s family had concealed a disturbing secret; and a young girl holds the key to unlock the devastating truth.

The film is presented by CBI’s adult education program, is free of charge and open to the general public.


We are trying to enhance our adult education program by using Skype technology rather than paying for expensive travel and we are trying to increase the speed by which books are catalogued in the Train Library.  Both of these functions would be greatly helped by the acquisition of a laptop computer.

If you are aware of an unused laptop that could be donated to CBI, we would love to hear from you.  We don’t need all the newest bells and whistles to perform these functions, so if you’ve upgraded your capability this would be a good place for a serviceable, but slightly out-of-date laptop to find a loving home.  Contact the CBI office at 857-8181 to let us know.  And thanks.


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Religious Services


Friday,  November 30
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm


Saturday,  December 1
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday,  December 7
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm
*Family dinner to follow

Saturday, December 8
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday, December 14
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  December 15
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday, December 21
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  December 22
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday,  December 28
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  December 29
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am


Friday,  January 4
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  January 5
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am 

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