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Religious School                           

Our religious school is off to a wonderful start!  We began our first session on Sunday, September 23, 2012, with a meeting in the sanctuary for students, parents, and teachers.  Following introductions and discussion, teachers took their students to classrooms and, after discussion regarding Hebrew school, parents went to the auditorium for registration and refreshments.

The theme for this school year is Tzedakah, which means righteousness and the obligation to help our fellow human beings.  As a school we collect tzedakah, which is one way of repairing the world.  Encourage your children to bring tzedakah every Sunday, perhaps part of their earnings that week. This theme will be carried out in our classrooms throughout the year.

Teachers for this year’s Sunday sessions are Inna Rogoff (Abby Balkin – Assistant) – PreK/Kinder; Olivia Noble (Sophie Susser – Assistant) – First/Second/Third; Judy Jennings – Fourth/Fifth; and Brian Honigbaum & Dave Ryan – Sixth/Seventh/Eighth.  Laura Simpson is our substitute. 

Stefani Rozen will be with us on Sunday, October 7th, at 11:00, to talk about Greene Family Camp.  Parents are invited to join us.

Consecration will be held prior to services on Friday, October 12th.  Consecration will begin at 5:30 PM and Family Shabbat Services will begin at 6:00, followed by dinner at 7:00.  We hope you will share this special occasion with our young people.

Samantha Kahan, our ISJL Education Fellow, will be spending that weekend (October 12-14) with us.  Please consider opening your home to Sam for this visit (she is allergic to cats). Let me know if you’re able to host and/or if you have questions about the visit.

The Jewish Children’s Regional Service has provided us with a resource for parents and young children.  Check out these ready-made family enrichment programs at http://pj.gijptech.org/?page_id=222

We welcome our returning students as well as the new additions to our school family.  Happy New Year to everyone!                                                    

Family Corner

What a great turnout for our first Family Shabbat Dinner of the season! It was heartwarming to see old friends, newcomers, and the Zagers!!!

Please let me wish each and every one of you L'Shana Tova … a new year filled with peace, joy, happiness, good health and love!!

I hope you'll all join us for our next Family Shabbat Dinner on Friday, October 12th with services at 6:00 pm and dinner to follow. Please feel free to bring a dessert to share with everyone … we all love our sweets!!!

I'll never turn down extra help in the kitchen, so let me know if you'd like to help cook. If you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share, please email me and let me know that too!!

Until we break bread together again,
Happy & Healthy New Year 5773,

L'Shana Tova to All,

Leslie Green
Programming Director
Cell: (804) 334-5662 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


I would like to take a moment to thank Susan Martin for arranging a lovely Rosh Hashanah Oneg and Yom Kippur Break-fast. Without the help of people like Susan, our congregation would not have an opportunity to enjoy these types of events.  For those who participated by either baking, setting up, and/or helping monetarily, thank you as well.  We appreciate your support.

Sisterhood is working very hard to bring you another wonderful Food Festival on November 10th & 11th.  As always, we will provide live entertainment on Saturday night and continue with our raffle, and silent auction.  Please step up and help with this year’s event.  Buy raffle tickets, bid on auction items, help prepare food, bake for our Sweet Shop, and most of all, come out to spend some quality time with your congregation.  This year we are adding Sunday morning brunch to our menu.  We will be serving blintzes and lox platters. 

We look forwarding to seeing all of you there! 
     Robin Adams


We are planning a Jewish trip to New York City for members of CBI in mid-April 2013.  The likely dates are Thursday, April 11 through Monday, April 15.

Among the sights we shall explore are the Lower East Side of Manhattan, including the Tenement Museum and the Eldridge Street Synagogue and Museum, Ellis Island, the Jewish Museum and the Hasidic community of Crown Heights in Brooklyn.  We shall welcome the Sabbath either at Temple Emanu-El or at Sherith Israel Congregation (The Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue).  Some of our meals will be pre-arranged, while others will be on our own.  There will be ample time for shopping and theatrical or musical performances.  We shall also have the opportunity to watch part of the Israel Day Parade as it marches south along Fifth Avenue on Sunday afternoon.

At this point, we cannot provide a reliable estimate of the cost of this trip, largely because airline fares are so unpredictable.  However, every effort will be made to keep the cost under control.

If you are interested (without any commitment at this point), please call the CBI Office and put your name on the list.  Once we get more detail, we shall be in touch.  Don’t miss this exciting adventure as members of CBI explore the Jewish dimensions of the Big Apple.


When the Israelites returned from Babylonian Exile in 537 BCE, they began to reorganize their community.  Over the next generation, they fixed the text of the Torah, so that, by about the year 500, it was as it remains today.  Then they began to proclaim the Torah by reading it aloud in the public square, making it the de facto constitutional law of the new society.  Their reading is described in the biblical book of Nehemiah, chapter 8; in most ways, it very much resembles the way we read today.

Jews have been reading the Torah ever since.  Over time, Babylonian Jewish communities read the entire scroll in one year, while Palestinians Jews took three years to finish the five books.  CBI follows this triennial cycle on Shabbat morning.

But once-a-year we reach the end of the book of Deuteronomy and begin again with the first words of Genesis.  That moment is called SIMCHAT TORAH, Rejoicing over the Torah,, and we shall celebrate this annual transition at Shabbat services on Friday, October 5.  It is our custom to unroll the entire scroll so that it encircles the sanctuary completely.  Members of the congregation hold it aloft, while our children sit or stand in the middle of the Torah’s circle.  Rabbi Roseman tries to follow the custom that the reading of Torah should never stop, even for a single breath.  So, as he reads the last word of Deuteronomy, he moves immediately to the beginning of “The Beginning.”

Join us on Friday, October 5th, as we rejoice with our Torah and with each other as a circle of Jews surrounded by words of ethics, morality and faith.  For millennia, the Torah has upheld the Jews.  Now, we have a chance to hold up the Torah.  We look forward to seeing you there.

High Holiday Appeal

All contributions to the 2012 High Holiday Appeal Fund will be used exclusively for 2 local purposes:

1. Continue to upgrade and maintain Seaside Cemetery so that it is the beautiful, serene and safe place we all envision now and for years to come. We have made great strides in 2011 but much more work needs to be accomplished.
2. Replenish CBI funds used to help local families and individuals who from time to time are in need of short-term assistance.  These funds are especially important during these difficult economic times.

Corpus Christi Food Bank

This year we are putting together a 2-prong effort to assist the food bank in providing food those in need in our community.
As in the past we are collecting bags of food, which we will transport over, to the Food Bank, which will directly replenish their food stocks and will be greatly appreciated.
Our second contribution will be in the form of $$$. For every $1.00 we contribute the food bank can obtain $16.00 worth of food. —Wouldn’t we all like that kind of return on our investments!
If the 186 CBI families and individuals contribution averaged Cha ($18) we would raise $3,348 that would buy $53, 568 worth of food.


The annual Thanksgiving service with Good Shepherd Episcopal Church will be on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at Congregation Beth Israel at 7:30 PM.  This will be the 78th consecutive service with our friends from GSEC, and we hope you will mark your calendars now so that you can be present for this wonderful interfaith service of worship and friendship.



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Religious Services


Friday,  January 4
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  January 5
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am 

Friday,  January 4
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday, January 5
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday, January 11
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm
*Family dinner to follow

Saturday,  January 12
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday, January 18
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  January 19
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday,  January 25
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  January 26
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am


Friday,  February 1
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  February 2
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am


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