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Corpus Christi Community Religious School

During one Sunday session, the Fedder Family shared adventures from their trip to Guatemala.  Joe, David, and Lilly helped prepare meals for the families and played with the Guatemalan children while Sheree tended to medical needs of the families.  Alex prepared all the documentation of the trip.  All four Fedder youngsters gave an excellent presentation.

Many of you have probably heard of and even watched “Project Runway” on the Bravo Channel, but how many of you have ever seen “Project Runway: Purim Edition”?  This past Sunday, students were divided into groups and challenged to create runway-ready outfits for our friends from the Purim story.  Our models were King Ahashuerus, Queen Vashti, Queen Esther, Mordechai, and Haman.  Everyone enjoyed hamantaschen following the show.  Look for pictures in this bulletin.

Samantha Kahan, our Education Fellow from ISJL, is returning to Corpus Christi for the weekend of April 26-28.  I’m hoping she will have the opportunity to stay with a religious school family during her visit.  This is not only a way to welcome her to our community but teaches our children the Jewish tradition of welcoming people into our homes.

We will only meet twice in March (March 3rd and March 24th) due to Spring Break and Passover so make a special effort to attend on those days.  If you travel, have fun and be safe!.


Sundays March 3 & 24

Hebrew School  9:15am—10:15am
Sunday School 10:15 am—12 pm
Confirmation Class 12pm—1pm

Family Corner

Shabbat Shalom Y'all,

Wow, I can't believe this month marks two years that I have been the Program Director and cooking for y'all … where has the time gone?  I've enjoyed every minute of sharing our Jewish holidays and traditions together as well as cooking many of my grandma, Sylvia's, family recipes for you too!

I want to thank Norma Levens and Amanda Mintz (and others) who helped serve February's Family Shabbat Dinner in my absence.  I hope you enjoyed the delicious Italian meal catered just for you by the Authentic New York Pizza Restaurant (located in the Andy's Kitchen shopping center off Staples).

There will be NO Family Shabbat Dinner this month due to the Passover holiday, so mark your calendars accordingly.  Please be sure to secure your reservation for the Second Seder on March 26th here at CBI if you plan on attending.  Our next Family Shabbat Dinner will resume on Friday, April 26th.

Wishing everyone a “Zissen” (Sweet) Pesach,

Leslie Green
Programming Director


Tuesday, March 26th , 2013 @ 6:00pm

Congregation Beth Israel - 4402 Saratoga

ADULTS    $20      CHILDREN $10
(13 and UP)              (6 – 12)
Children 5 and Under Complimentary


Make a check payable to: Congregation Beth Israel Sisterhood
Fill out the form in the Congregation Office no later than March 21st  
Paid reservations are a must, Seating is limited


Some of you know that Rabbi Roseman will be teaching a brand-new course in American Religious History at TAMU-CC in the Fall of 2013.  He has agreed to give members of CBI a preview of this course during the month of April.

The course will be entitled CHALLENGES IN CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN RELIGION and will deal with some of the most difficult issues and challenges that all American religions confront in the twenty-first century.  Here is the tentative schedule of his lectures.

 Sunday, April 7 This day happens to be Yom HaShoah, so Rabbi Roseman will be discussing the      difficulty of maintaining faith in the light of both scientific challenges from the      last two hundred years and the Holocaust.  Does this difficulty play out differently     among Jews and among Christians, or are the issues the same?  Can a Jew remain      Jew and, at the same time, declare himself/herself to be an atheist or an agnostic?

Sunday, April 14 In philosophical circles, scholars talk about epistemology, the study of how one acquires knowledge.  Religious people also have enquiring minds, and they want to know what to believe, what is true and what is false.  Rabbi Roseman will probe with us the question “How does anyone know anything?”  In this regard, he will also talk about how liberal Jews use the classic texts of the Jewish tradition to make judgments about contemporary issues.

Sunday, April 21 Rabbi Roseman calls this lecture “Barefoot and Pregnant – or That’s How It Used To Be.”  Not just among Jews, but across the American religious spectrum, the role of women in religious activities has changed radically in the last fifty years.  Some even suggest that American religion has become a matriarchate.  Have men been pushed to the sidelines?  What’s going on?  Rabbi Roseman will explore this subject with us in this talk.

Sunday, April 28 A number of contemporary religious issues have been adjudicated by the nine black-robed priests in America’s highest temple of justice, the Supreme Court.  In this final lecture of the series, Rabbi Roseman will help us understand some of the issues that the justices have dealt with and how they have justified their decisions based on constitutional law and, especially, the first amendment.

All of these sessions will take place in the Grossman Auditorium at 10:30 AM on the designated Sundays.  Everyone is cordially invited, including guests of members of CBI.  Light refreshments will be available at 10:00 AM.


We are delighted to announce that a new Hebrew reading class will begin on Saturday, March 16 at 10:00 AM in the Grossman Auditorium.  Ray Falk will again be the instructor, and we are indeed grateful that this distinguished teacher and educator is making himself available to help members of the congregation master the art of reading the Hebrew language.

The class will be directed at students who do not know how to read Hebrew at all – this is for beginners – and will lead students into the prayer book and its basic Hebrew sections.

It would be helpful if prospective students would call the CBI office at 857-8181 to indicate that they will attend.  But “walk-ins” are also invited and welcome.  We look forward to a new group of more active participants in our worship services, people who are more self-assured because they now know how to read Hebrew.


As many of you know there are significant changes on the horizon at Congregation Beth Israel. Rabbi Roseman will be retiring in May of 2014, and Susan Martin will be retiring as the Director of Religious Education at the close of this academic year.

Now is the time to plan for our future.

Congregation Beth Israel President Jim Gold and your CBI Board have asked the congregation to engage in the work of a strategic plan.  We shall look at where we are now and where we want to be in 5, 10, and perhaps 15 years. The results from our work will be funneled directly to the Rabbinic Search Committee for use as criteria in hiring our next rabbi.  The work we do now will chart the direction for our future. 

Please join with us to create the tools that will determine what will come.  Your voices are essential to this process.

Town Hall meetings have been scheduled;  plan to participate in one, two or all three of these conversations. 
The dates and times are:

               Sunday, March 31, 2013 from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 
               Thursday, April 11, 2013 from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 
               Sunday, April 14, 2013 from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

               ~All the sessions will take place at CBI. (refreshments will be served)

When there is no vision, the people perish.   (Proverbs 29:18)      

We look forward to working together.

Richard Hausman and Julia Noble
Strategic Planning  Co-Chairs


Do you remember the children’s ditty about a purple cow and how “I’d rather see than be one?”  Well, we do not expect a purple cow to make an appearance at CBI, but we are looking forward to a visit by a nearly life-sized, black and white Holstein.  She’ll be in the Temple’s lobby sometime in the Spring, courtesy this year’s Confirmation Class.

Now, this cow is not an ordinary cow.  She’s a mitzvah cow whose purpose is to collect milk money for the children of the homeless and poor people who frequent the Good Samaritan Ministry on Alameda Street downtown.  When you meet her, you’ll understand how irresistible she is and how easy she will make it for everyone to participate in this life-giving mitzvah.

But she’s not here yet.  And so we’re running a CONTEST TO NAME OUR BOVINE VISITOR.  Suggestions for suitable names for our mitzvah cow can be submitted any time before the first seder of Pesach (Monday, March 25) by mail, phone, e-mail, fax or in person – no limits and more than one idea per person is welcome.  The winner will be announced at the Temple seder on Tuesday evening, March 26, and in the April Newsletter.  So, put your thinking caps on and let’s all get mooo-ving to find just the right name for our mitzvah cow!



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Religious Services


Friday,  November 30
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm


Saturday,  December 1
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday,  December 7
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm
*Family dinner to follow

Saturday, December 8
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday, December 14
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  December 15
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday, December 21
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  December 22
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am

Friday,  December 28
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  December 29
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am


Friday,  January 4
Shabbat Service @ 6:30 pm

Saturday,  January 5
Shabbat Service @ 9:00 am 

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