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President's Message - August 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Thank you is at the top of my list, to all of you.  I am honored to be serving as President of Congregation Beth Israel.  I stand in the steps of some outstanding presidents, including Suzy Harris Hilliard, who has just completed her term as president.  Suzy was a very good president and is continuing to help me get acclimated to my new job.    I’m sure we all want to say “Thank you, Suzy, for great leadership, and for the time you gave to our Temple”.  
Having been in this office for 3 weeks, I’ve been reviewing the committees, and familiarizing myself with many of the details of the Temple.  We have a lot of members who give so much time and energy to our Temple.  I don’t think any of us realize the hours that go into keeping our Temple running smoothly.  Not to get into naming all of them, but Julia keeps our kitchen running smoothly, David keeps our library current and maintains our social media (Facebook) page, Bill spends so much time on maintenance, and keeping everything in working condition.  There are others…who would appreciate a pat on the back, or a thank you for their on-going volunteer time and dedication.

We have a few new board members for the coming year, and I want you to get to know them.  We had an Executive Committee meeting of the Board meeting last week, just to explore some directions, discuss some ideas, and set some schedules.  Finances are very near the top of our agenda.  We will be exploring new ways to add income and new activities.  We will continue with our new Outreach program to new and/or unaffiliated Jewish residents, and of course one of our largest events, Food Fest, is one of our priorities.  Jim Gold will head our Food Fest event.  Many capable people have stepped forward to chair committees and volunteer to help with Food Fest. We need YOU to help with this huge community focused project.   Our new SISTERHOOD PRESIDENT, Jerri Osberg, is already hard at work on several activities.  We are very happy to have Jerri leading our Sisterhood this year.  Thanks, Jerri, for “stepping up”.
Our first board meeting will be on Wednesday, August 12th, at 6:30 at the Temple.   I look forward to beginning a new year, preparing for the upcoming High Holy Days, and working with each of you.  

Chris Adler
President, Congregation Beth Israel



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