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Home From the President President's Message - December 2018
President's Message - December 2018 PDF Print E-mail
The 2018 Sisterhood Food Fest was an unqualified spectacular success. The crowds appeared larger and the whole operation from the kitchen to the shops ran very smoothly. We all owe a great deal of thanks to the Food Fest “Top Dogs”, Chris Adler and Phyllis Roseman who organized a great team and supported them from the summer planning through the actual and Food Fest event in November. I want to thank several people who played critical overall leadership roles including Rikki Schmitchel, David Jacobs, Sue Williams, and Laura Hausman whose knowledge and dedication were constantly demonstrated and an inspiration to us all. Of course,  most importantly, we thank our Congregants and friends who worked so hard  to make sure every venue was the best it could be resulting in an incredible experience that all the members of CBI and the Corpus Christi community can be proud of.  Thank you all!!

In November our CBI committees began meeting as restructured teams and addressing the current and future needs of CBI. The Programs and Services Team discussed how our congregants’ needs and interests may be addressed through adult education, social action, and library programs.  A preliminary list of programs and services was created and will be prioritized at the December meeting. The priority will be to fill the remainder of the calendar year with exciting activities and then look to the future.  The Finance and Operations Team addressed budget, dues, security and operational topics. The December meeting will delve deeper into these topics and explore a CBI Development Program. The Ritual and Cemetery Team met in October and reviewed the High Holiday Services, cemetery upkeep and long-range cemetery maintenance. One outcome of this meeting is that we have received a commitment from Rabbi Vernon to return next year to again conduct the Traditional Service in the Chapel. This is the first time in a number of years these committees have been truly active and the discussions have been interesting and enlightening since the Teams are made up of a cross-section of our congregation. I urge congregants who have an interest in any of our Teams (see article in the newsletter) to contact the Temple Office and volunteer.

The tragedy at Tree of Life Synagogue shook us to our core with shock, disbelief, and eventually the reality this can happen in the United States.  It is important to recognize the national outrage by individuals and groups of all faiths and walks of life who stood with us in protesting this terrible crime of hate. At the local level, our Service of Hope drew a large crowd from across the community as the participants represented a true cross-section of the Corpus Christi community including people and clergy from all faiths. People attended because they wanted to not only mourn those lost at the Tree of Life Synagogue but to show their support for us and demonstrate their hope for the future. I feel blessed to live in a community where we are not alone in our stand against hate, no matter who the targets are.

Wishing all a happy and festive Hanukkah.

Jim Gold, CBI President


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