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Home From the President President's Message - May 2020
President's Message - May 2020 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Friends,

Our world has been turned upside down.  Our patriarch has been taken from us.  I share the great sadness that we all feel at the loss of Rabbi Roseman.  Our hearts go out to Phyllis, Allison, Michael, Julie, Jill, Janet, and all of Ken’s grandchildren.  Thank you for sharing your husband, your father, your bappa with us.  Rabbi Roseman was a brilliant man and a great friend.  He never stopped teaching, and learning, and doing.  He knew so much about history, and art, and music, and politics, and religion – about almost anything.  The only thing greater than the breadth of his knowledge was the depth of how much he cared about people.  

Rabbi Roseman in his own words:

“I have been trying to figure how do you live a life that is worthy of being in covenant with God. What does it take to be in that relationship?  How do you do it in such a way as you live up to that expectation.  In the book of Leviticus, it says you should be holy because the lord your God is holy. What does it mean to be holy?  In Leviticus it’s very clear.  Specific acts in community.  Doesn’t say go pray; doesn’t say go meditate; doesn’t say go to synagogue or church or temple or anything like that. It says go out and establish fair courts.  And go out and take care of the poor.  And go out and don’t lie and don’t cheat.  Love your neighbor as yourself and that kind of thing. Specific acts in community.  So, the question for Ken Roseman is, ‘what kinds of specific acts should I be doing that make me worthy of being in covenant with God.’”

That was an excerpt from an interview for the CHRISTUS Spohn foundation.  Karen Bonner shared those words with Phyllis recently while thanking her for Rabbi’s desire that donations be made in his memory to the CHRISTUS Spohn foundation.  

Earlier this week, the Estate of Harvey Grossman requested that we change the name of the fund they established at CBI to:   
The Harvey Grossman / Rabbi Kenneth Roseman
 Memorial Fund for Film and Continuing Education.

These are two concrete examples of how we can honor the memory of Rabbi Roseman.  Another is to donate to Rabbi Roseman’s discretionary fund here at CBI.  We are working on an appropriate way of honoring Rabbi’s legacy here at CBI, and those funds will be used for that purpose.

Much has been and will continue to be written about specific things that Rabbi Roseman accomplished over his life.  Instead, let me simply express my love and gratitude to Ken for his friendship and guidance over many decades.  We are all understandably sad, but I surmise that Rabbi Roseman would not put up with our sadness for very long.  He would put on his suit, or his pickle hat, or don his Santa outfit, and with a big smile and dry humor, tell us to go out and DO something. That is how we can all be in covenant with God, and that is how we can honor the memory of Rabbi Kenneth Roseman.  Zichrono Livracha.  May his memory be a blessing.

With love,
Gregory Marks



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