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Many of you know that Rabbi Roseman was invited to create a course entitled “The History of Religion in America” which he offered in the fall semester of 2008 to advanced students in the TAMUCC History Department. When the student evaluations of the course came in, Rabbi Roseman received very high marks, a judgment that was paralleled by the review the history Department Chairman wrote after visiting the class. So, it is no surprise that Rabbi Roseman has been invited back as an adjunct faculty member, this time to teach a section of the basic course in American history. He will be teaching on Monday nights from 7:00 – 9:30 (location to be announced), beginning on August 31.

There are provisions for members of the community to audit classes like these, assuming space is available in the classroom; consult the registrar’s Office at TAMUCC if you are interested.


I hope that you have all been enjoying the Family Shabbat Dinners, I know that I have enjoyed putting them together. I hope that you will all continue to come and partake in the festive evening. If you have any future main course ideas, I am always open to them. Thank you again to all who put forth the effort to help me cook and set-up for these fun evenings. A special thank you goes out to Dottie Heffler for her amazing endurance and dedication in helping me with the brisket for last Friday night’s Family Shabbat Dinner. I would also like to thank Phyllis Roseman, Rona Train and Susan Martin for all of their wonderful kugels. These dishes complimented the meal perfectly. If you are interested in helping me cook for any of these dinners, please feel free to call me at (361) 857-8181. Our next Family Shabbat Dinner is on March 27th. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Shalom Meredith Ryan


A new year - exciting developments! The Train Library group is growing.

We are happy to announce that Dee Diaz has volunteered to keep the shelf inventory in perfect order. Jeanetta Caplan is contributing her unique knowledge of library sciences by entering each volume into the computer (a long held wish of the current computer challenged team).

David Jacobs regularly and with great skill researches and selects new books with vastly diverse subjects from various publishers, all with distinctly Jewish themes. David's latest editions will be highlighted and displayed in the coming months.

we hope you will use it soon and often.


There are many excuses for not making funeral and burial plans before they are needed. One of the more prevalent is superstition. "If I plan ahead then it means that I am going to die soon and I will be hastening it."

Another fallacious argument goes like this; "If I plan ahead and make the arrangements and pre-pay, then when I pass away no one will honor the agreements. Personnel will have changed as will have companies. Nothing will be carried out as I desired."

Pre-paid arrangements are often guaranteed by an insurance policy or insurance company and monitored by the State. If there remain concerns, then merely make your wishes known to the Synagogue and family members and/or another trusted individual. They will attempt to abide by your wishes if at all possible.

Buy your plot and make your wishes known. Plan early to avoid an undue burden on those loved ones you leave behind.

CBI Cemetery Committee


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Religious Services

In-person services our now offered to our CBI families. 
Our live virtual services will still be offered via the link below.

When visiting, we ask that you: 
Wear a mask, use sanitizer, remain 6 feet away from other groups, and stay home if you are sick.

Please read additional guidelines on our homepage.

Shabbat Services

Fridays @ 6:30pm CST
Saturdays @ 9:00am CST

Virtual Services will be held on
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