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From the President
President's Message - August 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Friends….Experiencing the “dog days” of summer is standard for all of us. Seems we are getting a double dose of hot and dry days.  I hope you are all staying well and staying inside as much as possible.  Several of our Temple youth are away at camp right now, and enjoying the programs that have been planned for each of them.  I’m sure you’re missing your children (??) , but know they are having great times with other Jewish children at sleep away camps.  It’s a great experience for them to spend time in an “all Jewish” atmosphere. The experiences they have at summer camp are life changing and will stay with them all their lives.

Several of us attended a program at Del Mar College this week.  Dr. Bryan Stone, professor of history at the college for the past 12 years, presented a lecture and program for the community.  He has recently collaborated with some Texas families and published a book on Memories of Two Generations: A Yiddish Life in Russia and Texas. It was an excellent presentation and the 50+ attendees enjoyed hearing about the steps taken by Russian families who came to San Antonio in the 1800s, set up business and communities, then spread to other parts of Texas.  We spoke to Dr. Stone about conducting an Adult Education program for us at CBI.  He is delighted to come and speak to us, and we will make definite plans for his presentations in the Fall.

Joshua Yaker was called to the Torah and became a Bar Mitzvah Saturday, July 16. The Yaker family hosted a delightful  lunch following the Bar Mitzvah.  Congratulations to Josh and the Yaker family.

Be sure and notice the newly updated Menorah wall in front of our Temple.  Mike Trimyer and the Fine Arts Committee met on several occasions and chose the tiles and colors, and are responsible for updating this structure facing Saratoga.

 Sisterhood Kickoff meeting will be Thursday, August 18 at Ginger Café.  Mark your calendars now to attend this fun event.  Also, it’s time to pay your Sisterhood dues. 

Our first NEW CBI BOARD meeting will be Wednesday, August 24.  You will be receiving more information about this soon. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer.  Try to attend services on Friday Evening at 6 p.m. and/or Torah Study on Saturday.  We need YOU.

                                Chris Adler, President
                                Congregation Beth Israel
President's Message - June & July 2016 PDF Print E-mail
One year gone by….how can that be??? I think it’s been a quick year for our Temple as things have been moving along smoothly, and no major problems have arisen. We are at a time in our Temple year to look both backward, and forward, at the same time.  It’s evaluation time in so many areas….. short and long term planning is ongoing, but now we write them down so we can actually see……What have we accomplished, where we need to go, and how is the best way to get there?  Where do we need to improve?  What do we need to offer our members?  How do we stretch our budget in order to meet all the needs of our congregation, AND prepare for the long term financial security for the Temple, certainly including both our cemeteries?  We’re re-evaluating our programs, looking for new ways to fundraise in order to bring some additional funds into our congregation, new ways to attract new members, new ways to improve attendance at regular Shabbat activities and other activities as well.  I solicit your advice and ideas.  Many of our congregants have made suggestions that have shown great enthusiasm and been well received by different areas of the Temple.  The Men’s Club has had a re-birth, and is very successful.  The interest and participation of several of our members who have become very involved in our homeless in the community, has been a standout program.  The relocation and resettlement of new immigrant families in Corpus Christi has proven very successful as we are working together with Catholic Charities to help with their programs.    What’s your idea?  What suggestion do you have?  

Our nominating committee has about completed the board for the upcoming year.  Thanks, Suzy Hilliard, for heading this committee and to all of you for an excellent job.  I look forward to working with the incoming board. 

Our Sisterhood is busy planning their coming year.  Jerri Osberg and the sisterhood membership have made significant financial contributions to the Temple for our ongoing expenses.  We give a SINCERE THANK YOU to Sisterhood for their assistance and help.  Some suggestions for additional sources of revenue are BINGO Fun nights and possibly a Freezer Sale.  Music and Art programs seem to always be a favorite “draw” and bringing a Klezmer Band to Corpus Christi, or a musical program featuring Rabbi Emanuel and our Choir for an evening of entertainment is also a favorite idea.  The Jewish Film Festival was very successful and it has been suggested we continue it next year.  Thanks to David Jacobs for chairing this project and coming up with some great films.  I’m sure YOU could come up with some ideas you would like.  Share those ideas with us, please.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS….THE ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING IS THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 30TH AT 7 P.M.  We need you to come and discuss the “state of the Temple”.  It’s a fun, informative meeting and your participation is great appreciated.  We’ll be naming an outstanding CBI member, have something good to eat (not sure what yet, but you can count on it), and support your Temple…Please make every effort to come…Much more to come in the next couple of weeks….

Chris Adler, President
Congregation Beth Israel
Corpus Christi, Texas

President's Message - May 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Almost in the blink of an eye, MAY IS HERE.  As they year progresses, we seem to get busier and busier, don't we?  Great activities going on at the Temple....especially our 2nd Seder, with over 100 in attendance.  It was such fun and so many people in attendance.  It was great to have such a good turnout.  The food was delicious,  the service , prepared by Rabbi Emanuel, was fun, especially the questions for the children in attendance, and the fellowship is second to none. Another fun event, Dr. Haysam Dawod came one recent Sunday morning and taught us to make "incredible" humus....Had a nice group of Adults for the presentation, and the Sunday School students had an opportunity to learn to make humus, too.  It's delicious and thanks to Dr. Dawod for coming to our Adult Education workshop. 

May and June are busy Temple months also.  It's the end of our fiscal year and Robin Adams and her committee are working hard on our 2016-2017 budget.  Suzy Hilliard, chair of the Nominating Committee, has been working on filling our board positions for the coming year.  Other committees and groups continue meeting and fulfilling their commitments to make sure our Temple is running smoothly and our plans for our congregation are met. 

Thanks to all of you.
Mark your calendars now, please:

In closing, let me remind you of a note I had in my bulletin message to you last month ....PLEASE keep a close eye on your children while you are at the Temple.  This is a holy place of worship.  Respect and Responsibility are up to you and me...We want the children here at Temple, but they MUST be monitored and supervised by their PARENTS. 

Have a good day, week, month....We're glad you are a member of CBI and we appreciate YOU.

Chris Adler, President
Congregation Beth Israel

President's Message - April 2016 PDF Print E-mail

If you missed our CONGREGATIONAL PROGRESSIVE DINNER last weekend, you missed an incredible party.  We had 85+ of our members come together for a great time of food, fellowship, and fun.  It was a wonderful time to see old friends, but also a great time to welcome all the new families to Congregation Beth Israel.  From the first stop at Carol Rehtmeyer’s house for drinks and fellowship, to Chris and Robert Adler’s for dinner, and on to  Laura and David Hausman’s for dessert, it was an ongoing, traveling party of our members having a great time.  It's near impossible to thank everyone who helped on this CBI event, but we must give a big thanks to Ann Engel, for chairing our "dinner party", along with most capable members, Phyllis Roseman, Pat Susser, Mike Trimyer, and all others who baked, donated wine, or helped in any way.

At the CBI Board Meeting last week, we had many issues to cover.  The ending of the Temple year is close; therefore Robin Adams and her finance committee have started work on the upcoming budget.  We have settled some insurance issues we had, thanks to the leadership of Greg Marks, our URJ dues have been negotiated, thanks to George Kopf, and our refugee relocation program is working and our partnership with Catholic Charities moves forward.  Linda Snider is doing an excellent job on our Social Issues and gives us ongoing updates on the homeless and our participation in the city programs.  Several of our members are working on this issue on a regular basis.  A new nominating committee, headed by past president, Suzy Hilliard, has been appointed, and will begin working on filling the board for next year.

A HUGE thank you goes out to the Sisterhood of CBI for their contribution of $37,000 to Congregation Beth Israel from the Food Fest event this year.  This money will go a long way to help CBI meet our financial obligations.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sisterhood, for this gift.

I’m looking forward to Passover.  Hope you will join us for 2nd night Seder on Saturday night, April 23,  at the Temple.  Be sure to make your reservations soon.
Chris Adler, President,

Chris Adler, President
Congregation Beth Israel.

President's Message - March 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Robert and I were in San Antonio this weekend for a wonderful family event…the naming of a new baby girl and addition to our family.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Congregation Agudas Achim as it’s always a pleasure to visit other congregations.  The Hazzan, Jeremy Lipton, led the services and gave a thought provoking sermon Saturday morning. He spoke about “Partnerships”.  He asked us to think about the partnerships we have in our lives…business partnerships, partnerships with friends, different family members, a spouse, but he targeted our Partnerships with God.  So often we ask, or expect, God to solve a problem, or cure an illness, or give us something, but we fail to think about our lives as a “partnership” with God.  It’s up to US to do our part, too.  We must work toward solving our life situations, always doing our own part, along with asking for help.

Great events going on at CBI.  We enjoyed our Adult Education program last weekend.  Our speaker, Joel Hoffman, was excellent and gave us a lot to think about and ponder.  Thanks for your help and support for this three day event.  Sisterhood trip to Port Aransas on Sunday was great fun.  Beginning of March is right here..how can that be???  Looking forward to Eli Susser’s Bar Mitzvah this weekend.  Love the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, the family dinners, and Shabbats we celebrate on a regular basis.  Come join us. We will be celebrating Purim, and have a great CBI Progressive Dinner on Sunday, March 27 to welcome ALL the new members.  Mark your calendar…you won’t want to miss any of our upcoming events.

Chris Adler, President
Congregation Beth Israel.

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