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From the President
President's Message - February 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Friends….We’re off to a very good start for 2017.  Our board met recently and had a review and did some planning for the upcoming months.  One of the topics we spoke about, was FOOD FEST.  I’m sure our Sisterhood President will report on this, but I have to say, it was a huge success. Be sure to look for her report and see our totals.  I stop here to mention how much we thank Sisterhood for their most generous donation to our CBI budget. I know it’s “us” working and contributing for “us”, but it’s the Sisterhood project and we appreciate their contribution to our Temple.  It has supplemented our financial picture for several years and is greatly appreciated.

We have several events planned for our congregation in the upcoming months.  I’m excited about a HEBREW REST CEMETERY work day.  That beautiful cemetery needs an overhaul and updating.  We are taking bids for a new fence around the side and back, for work on the front stucco fence, for sandblasting and repairing the front metal gate, and other repairs.  However, in advance of that work, we planning a work day, to do some clean up trimming, repairs, etc. for the property.  It’s something WE can easily do.  I sent a note out about this, and about 30 people have responded that they will help.  I’m so happy. I mentioned we would be doing it when the weather “warms up”, but it looks like (from the temperature this week) we’ll need to look for a day when it “cools off” a bit.  Will keep you informed, but looking forward to a great day together.

We also have planned a memorial musical program honoring a great friend of CBI, Mr. Andy Moore, who has been a big part of our Holiday Services in the past years.  We are planning a musical evening, in the near future and will let you know details soon.

We also are planning a NEW MEMBER SHABBAT for April 28, to coincide with the Family Shabbat dinner.  We have several new members this year, and want to celebrate their new memberships. 

The Nominating Committee is hard at work.  Jim Gold is chairing this committee, and we expect a new slate of officers to be presented in the next couple of weeks.  Two years gone by…..I can hardly believe it.

Have a great week….month….year.

Chris Adler
President, Congregation Beth Israel

President's Message - January 2017 PDF Print E-mail
2017----Many changes occurring already, and more to come.  It's going to be an interesting year and hopefully we, and Israel, will emerge stronger than ever.
I hope all of you have a very happy AND HEALTHY new year.  We at Congregation Beth Israel continue to plan for our new year.  We are looking at our priorities for the coming year.  One thing that has come to the forefront and seems to be at the top of most of our lists or objectives, is that of outreach within the Jewish Community.  We want to reach out to members and non-members in the immediate Jewish Community and to encourage membership and participation by those folks that do not belong to CBI, pay dues, or participate in our activities.  We need those individuals and families to join our "family".  Help us to identify and encourage participation.  With your help, we can increase our membership.
In the next few days, you will be receiving a survey about the times for our Shabbat Services on Friday nights.  Several members have requested a change in the time we begin our Friday night service.  At present, we alternate weekly times to begin, one Friday night at 6 p.m. and the next week Services are at 7:30.  Suggestions have been made to standardize the start time.  Please be thinking what you prefer...
1) Leave it as is-rotating times of services every other week
2) Shabbat Services begin at 6:00
3) Shabbat Services begin at 6:30
4) Shabbat Services begin at 7:30
Monthly, our Family Shabbat services, with dinner provided, will continue to begin at 6 p.m. This will not change.
Our "homeless initiative" and participation in the city project is amazing, thanks to Linda Snider and Sue Williams.  Collecting 2,430 pairs of socks for the homeless last month was no small task. Linda and Sue picked up over 400 pairs from Tuloso Midway Rotary Interact Club and another 2,000+ at Windsor Park School (a challenge made at the Simpson Bat Mitzvah).  We also served Christmas Day lunch to the Metro Ministries homeless shelter.  About 10 of our congregation members participated in this. 
Lots more going on.....come out and join us.  We need YOU and welcome your participation.

Chris Adler, President
Congregation Beth Israel

President's Message - December 2016 PDF Print E-mail

JUST ZIPPING BY….for months we’ve been talking about the Jewish  holidays, (the Third Jewish High Holiday (Food Fest),  as someone mentioned to me, Thanksgiving, and a variety of other events recently.  And now, they’re all in our recent past and we’re already preparing for next year.  With huge successes in all areas, we move forward toward a new year and more exciting times for our Temple. 

We had a very good board meeting last week.  Suzy Hilliard reported on the membership committee and we can welcome two new members to our congregation.  Fifi Keishnik is a new member.  She has been a great help in all areas (especially Food Fest) for several years, and we are so happy she decided to put her membership with us.  Frank and Odelia Rios are also new members and we are very happy about this.  They attend all services and work frequently at CBI events.  WELCOME TO BOTH FAMILIES!

Mike Trimyer reported on the Fine Arts committee.  The new memorial plaque, a replica of our large menorah on the front lawn, is here and installed in our social hall.  It is beautiful and has 119 plaques available to honor or memorialize someone in our community.  We will begin sending information on this very soon. 

Mike Hiatt is chairing the Scholarship Committee, along with members Eva Brown and Roz Josephs Ferrell.  All camp and program applications with be directed to this committee for vetting and recommendations.

Adult Education is a great ongoing addition to our programing.  David Jacobs is/has done a great job setting up movies and programs for our adults.  The most recent, an archeologist, Professor Eberling, presented two very informative programs on early Israeli life and the Jezreel Dig in Israel to our congregants and friends. Professor Eberling was excellent.

Our social action committee, headed by Linda Snider and Sue Williams, continue to keep us updated and involved in the “homeless initiative” in Corpus Christi.  Another member, EB, is an ongoing volunteer at the Women’s Shelter. She has recently completed several weeks of training that is required of all Volunteers.  We are very proud of this Social Action Committee and the work they are doing.  WE STILL NEED SOCKS…ALL SIZES, COLORS, NEW, OR GENTLY USED.  We have donated several hundred pair.  Please check that sock drawer and bring any spare socks to CBI.

Have a happy and healthy month.
Chris Adler, President
Congregation Beth Israel

President's Message - September 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Beginning a new year….the last one passed so quickly, didn’t it?

The board of CBI had our first meeting this past week.  It was an excellent meeting and I’m optimistic we’ll continue with the same level of enthusiasm as we began last year.   Welcome to our newest Board Members….Gregg Silverman, Sue Williams,  Inna Klein, and Dianne Lee. So many things we’re looking forward to, and I’m pretty anxious to get the new year started.

Suzy Hilliard presented two new families for membership.  She told me she has another one for the next meeting.  That’s a great way to begin a new year, Suzy.  Keep up the good work.  Remember we’re counting on YOU to help us with membership.  Let Suzy know if you hear of a new Jewish family coming to Corpus Christi, or know someone who may be interested in joining.  

Mike Trimyer and Laurie Mintz are co-chairing the Fine Arts Committee.  They oversaw the work that was done on the Menorah in our front yard.  It is beautiful and we thank them for the meetings and work.  

Scholarship Committee, chaired by Mike Hiatt, will be reviewing our policies for scholarships for summer camps.  We have guidelines for the scholarships, but they need to be updated.  

Adult Education Committee, chaired by David Jacobs, reported on several Adult Education programs on our calendar for the coming year.  A “re-vamp” of the Film Festival, spreading the films over several months, and probability of very good speakers, including a Scholar In Residence for one weekend, program on Jewish Ancestors, an archaeologist,  musical programs, and other interesting events.

Men’s Club, headed by Greg Marks, reported some very interesting programs in the planning….How about a football party?

Sue Williams reported on the Homeless Initiative that we have become VERY involved in.  Sue and Eva Brown are both working very hard for this program.  Sue reports the call for the homeless for RIGHT NOW…WE NEED SOCKS….MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN SIZES….Grab a bag and clean out your sock drawer…Bring us some socks to distribute to the Homeless at various shelters.  Leave them in the bin at the door of the shul by the office.

FOOD FEST is right around the corner.  In fact, we have our first meeting tonight.  Jim Gold (Good as Gold) has stepped up to the plate again to co-chair the event, along with Rikki Schmitchel.  You’ll be hearing a LOT more about that.

In closing, after quite a bit of discussion on the High Holiday appeal letter we send out yearly, we have come to the conclusion that ….”Our house is a very fine house”, but our beautiful building (“our house” of worship) needs some major repairs that have been postponed.  I’ll tell you all about that in a letter that will be coming soon.

Hope you are well, and saving up some energy for Food Fest and the upcoming events.
     Chris Adler, President
     Congregation Beth Israel              

President's Message - August 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Friends….Experiencing the “dog days” of summer is standard for all of us. Seems we are getting a double dose of hot and dry days.  I hope you are all staying well and staying inside as much as possible.  Several of our Temple youth are away at camp right now, and enjoying the programs that have been planned for each of them.  I’m sure you’re missing your children (??) , but know they are having great times with other Jewish children at sleep away camps.  It’s a great experience for them to spend time in an “all Jewish” atmosphere. The experiences they have at summer camp are life changing and will stay with them all their lives.

Several of us attended a program at Del Mar College this week.  Dr. Bryan Stone, professor of history at the college for the past 12 years, presented a lecture and program for the community.  He has recently collaborated with some Texas families and published a book on Memories of Two Generations: A Yiddish Life in Russia and Texas. It was an excellent presentation and the 50+ attendees enjoyed hearing about the steps taken by Russian families who came to San Antonio in the 1800s, set up business and communities, then spread to other parts of Texas.  We spoke to Dr. Stone about conducting an Adult Education program for us at CBI.  He is delighted to come and speak to us, and we will make definite plans for his presentations in the Fall.

Joshua Yaker was called to the Torah and became a Bar Mitzvah Saturday, July 16. The Yaker family hosted a delightful  lunch following the Bar Mitzvah.  Congratulations to Josh and the Yaker family.

Be sure and notice the newly updated Menorah wall in front of our Temple.  Mike Trimyer and the Fine Arts Committee met on several occasions and chose the tiles and colors, and are responsible for updating this structure facing Saratoga.

 Sisterhood Kickoff meeting will be Thursday, August 18 at Ginger Café.  Mark your calendars now to attend this fun event.  Also, it’s time to pay your Sisterhood dues. 

Our first NEW CBI BOARD meeting will be Wednesday, August 24.  You will be receiving more information about this soon. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer.  Try to attend services on Friday Evening at 6 p.m. and/or Torah Study on Saturday.  We need YOU.

                                Chris Adler, President
                                Congregation Beth Israel
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