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From the President
President's Message - August 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Dear Members of CBI,

I want to express my deepest appreciation to the Temple Beth Israel nominating committee for submitting my name for President of the Board of Trustees and to all the congregants who attended and voted at the congregational meeting on June 16, 2011. Your kindness and confidence in allowing me to lead the congregation is a great honor that carries significant responsibility. Let me assure you I am personally committed to ensuring that CBI continues to be a vibrant organization that remains fiscally sound while meeting our congregation’s diverse needs.

In August, the Board of trustees will be holding a planning session in which we will discuss and select a reasonable number of activities the congregation will carry out this year. Through these activities we would like to better serve the needs of our congregants and make a significant effort to Tikkun Olam—help repair the world. These activities can be community, state, national or international in location and involve environment, education, health, poverty or any other area that is in need of “repair.” If you have ideas you would like the board to consider, call or e-mail the CBI office and leave your name, idea and contact number. With this information I will follow up and discuss your idea(s) with you.

Again, I thank you for this honor and look forward to not only serving you but working alongside you in making CBI a wonderful place of worship, study, and Jewish social life while improving the lives of others.

          Jim Gold

President's Message - June/July 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Dear Members of CBI,

The time has come for me to write my last president’s message and I do so with mixed emotions.

I am grateful and thankful for these past 2 yrs. I appreciate the trust you have placed in me and look forward to continuing my service to Congregation Beth Israel.

I want to thank my officers and board, as well as the many dedicated congregants that helped me fulfill my responsibilities.

I was fortunate to have Rabbi Roseman as our religious leader at my side.  He continues to amaze me with his wealth of knowledge and his dynamic leadership. We are also privileged to have Phyllis with her vast talents handling the many projects she has taken on.  Ken and Phyllis, I thank you both and appreciate you both very much.

As I leave the presidency, I am confident that with Debbie Bustillo as our administrator, the business of the congregation is in good hands. My thanks also go to Natalie Honigbaum, whose knowledge of our financials is appreciated.

My sincere thanks to Susan Martin our Religious School Director, whom goes beyond the call of duty, and also to Rose Garza, our dedicated custodian who does a marvelous job, and finally, my deep appreciation to Mike Trimyer, who has kept us safe for many years.

I take great pride in having been President of Congregation Beth Israel. I wish all of you good health and happiness.

                   Maury Wolfson

President's Message - May 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Members of CBI,

     Our congregation has just concluded a wonderful 2nd Night Seder. It was a huge success and treat. Kudos to Rabbi Roseman, for his leadership and creativity and for making the evening so very interesting and enjoyable. Thanks to Phyllis Roseman and her entire committee for their deliciously prepared, festive meal.

     It has been such a treat to attend the monthly services and the dinner that follows. The format of the entire evening is lovely and makes an enjoyable welcome to Shabbat.  We thank Meredith Ryan for her years of effort; we are now fortunate to have Leslie Green to carry on.

     One of my duties as president is to acquaint you with our Temple/Synagogue’s Endowment fund. This fund was created to ensure the future of Judaism in our community. We are all aware of a declining number of Jews in our city. Please consider a bequest to our Endowment fund in your plans. We must continue to be concerned about the future of Congregation Beth Israel.

                   Maury Wolfson
President's Message - April 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Members of CBI,

The ingredients of any delicious cake yield the final product. The same goes to for Congregation Beth Israel. During my 2 years as your president, I have been most fortunate to have a most supportive board of Trustees.

These trustees have overseen the total operation of our house of worship, which includes most importantly our finances. They also oversee our very large physical plant, which includes a magnificent building and beautiful grounds.

Our officers and trustees have given their energy and time handling the demands and responsibilities of their office. For their effort I am grateful to each and every one of them.

The Rabbi’s Sunday morning presentations of religion in America continue as well as our Friday and Saturday services. I hope to see you in Temple/Synagogue.

Congregation Beth Israel with its many diverse programs is where it happens and makes you proud to be Jewish.  


                Maury Wolfson
President's Message - March 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Dear Members of CBI,

Our Congregation continues to move forward with religious services, adult study sessions and specialized lectures. The CBI Board, Sisterhood, and all committees work efficiently for the betterment of Congregation Beth Israel.

Later this month we will celebrate the festival of Purim. We read the Megillah and twirl the grogers, noise makers, as we drown out the name of Haman. We also pay homage to the beautiful Queen Esther.

The nominating committee is presently being formed, for the election of officers and board for 2011-2012. I have appointed Carl Kuehn, a past president, as chairman. If you desire to serve on your Congregation’s board, please contact me or Carl.

As I close we are pleased to tell you that attendance at services and Torah Study has increased. Come participate. Congregation Beth Israel is the place to be for Jewish stimulation.


                Maury Wolfson

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