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From the President
President's Message - June/July 2010 PDF Print E-mail

Dear Members of CBI,

 Our Congregation’s fiscal year has just ended and June one, begins our new year. I am happy to report that our goal of a balanced budget has been met.  This does not just happen. Full credit goes to our illustrious Rabbi Roseman and a very conscientious board of directors, who met for the entire year, always with a full quorum of attendance, giving leadership and guidance to our congregation.

Please be reminded of our annual meeting on June 16. We shall present a review of last year’s finances, approve a new annual budget and elect new officers and board for the ensuing 2010-2011 year.

Also our  congregation will reward our Rabbi with a special presentation. In addition, two deserving congregants, Andy Lehrman and Susan Martin, will be recognized for their contribution to C.B.I.

Congregation Beth Israel offers learning for Jews of all levels of observant and experience.

As members of URJ, our goal is to provide for the spiritual and intellectual needs of all Jews in Corpus Christi through meaningful and joyful participation in the full spectrum of Jewish life. 


    Maury Wolfson

President's Message - May 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Members of CBI,

I can’t believe it is already May and our Jewish year is more thana half over. Our Congregation is having a very good and productive year. The board has been diligent in meeting it’s fiduciary responsibilities.

Prior to each month’s meeting, we have a D’Var Torah, a few minutes of our faith. Jim Gold, a superb board member, gave the following message several months ago:

Parashah Mishpatim
    As we read about the events at Mt. Sinai it is very possible to experience an almost surreal awe and visualize the thunder and lightning and even feel the excitement of what it may have been like to have been there---it is akin to being on a spiritual high. But as the emotional high settles we realize the true importance of Mt. Sinai. Moses had been handed the laws of how people should treat each other, of how to organize a civil society, and about how one person should treat another. Laws that, after interpretation, we generally agree should be the basis of our lives today.
    In giving the laws G-d said, “these laws should be set before them.”—one interpretation of this statement is that the written and oral laws regarding how humans treat humans should be set before “them” meaning the laws  governing the relationship between man and G-d.
    This is the world of Jewish spirituality. This is Mount Sinai—creating a world where people are responsible for each other, taking responsibility for our own actions, being careful about what we say about each other and settling disputes fairly. Jewish spirituality is about empathy and creating a society based on justice and caring.
    Towards the end of the parashah G-d says to Moses…Come up to the mountain and be ”there”. But Moses was already there---what does this mean? It is to remind us that whether we do simple, difficult, exciting or mundane things---we need to be more than physically present -- we need to bring our whole selves into every experience. To not only be present but to genuinely involve ourselves—
    Only then can we experience moments of insight, clarity, satisfaction and bring Jewish spirituality into our daily lives. Only then can we attain “Sheleimut” or wholeness in our lives.

We are a Congregation of many facets and activities. We must remember, however that our faith is and should be foremost

            Maury Wolfson
President's Message - April 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Members of CBI,

By the time you receive this message, we will in the mist of Pesach. We have celebrated in our homes and the community Seder at our congregation. It was wonderful and attended with well over one hundred twenty.

Special thanks to Phyllis Roseman, Dottie Heffler and all others for making this yearly event enjoyable and successful. Their effort is greatly appreciated.

You might be interested in knowing that we continue receiving inquiries from the country concerning our merger. It is wonderful to respond and relate our story of success. It is with great pride that we share our story.

As our fiscal year winds down it is my duty to follow procedural rules of our by-laws. I have appointed our past President Andy Lehrman, to chair the nominating committee and select a proposed list of officers and to board for the coming year.

Please make plans to be present at our annual meeting.  A date in June will be announced shortly.

We need your input and help to continue our Congregation’s growth.

            Maury Wolfson
President's Message - March 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Members of CBI,

It is hard to believe that once again on the evening of March 29, we begin the celebration of Passover, the biblical liberation of the Jewish people for Egyptian slavery. The festive celebration of Pesach is rich with traditions meant to help us remember the past and achieve freedom in our own lives.  The Torah promises that one day, Jews will merit redemption from all of our oppressors and enemies.

Please come participate with us at CBI. Our weekly religious services on Friday and Saturday, study group with the Rabbi, adult beginners Hebrew class, twice weekly religious school, and monthly Shabbat dinners are available for all. In addition we have many committee meetings, monthly board and Sisterhood meetings.

This year our congregants will join in celebrating four Bnai Mitzvahs and several conversions. As you can see we are busy at Congregation Beth Israel.

            Maury Wolfson

President's Message - February 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Members of CBI,

Our Congregation continues to move forward with religious services, adult study sessions and special projects. The board, Sisterhood, and all committees work efficiently for the betterment of Congregation Beth Israel.

You are important as a congregant. Shortly you will receive a call from an officer or board member requesting suggestions that we might implement.

During my many years of participation in our Jewish Community, the one thing that gratifies me most is the fact that our board efforts result in positive outcomes and without rancor.

Later this month, we will celebrate the festival of Purim. We read the Megillah and twirl the grogers-noisemakers as we drown out the name of Haman. We also pay homage to the beautiful Queen Esther.

As we close, I am pleased tell you that attendance at services has increased. Come participate. Congregation Beth Israel is the place to be for Jewish stimulation.

            Maury Wolfson

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