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From the President
President's Message - October 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Members of CBI,
Having concluded Rosh HaShanah, when we welcomed the Jewish New Year 5770 and Yom Kippur, when we reflected on our past transgressions, we now approach the festive days of Sukkot and Simchat Torah.
Our New Year brings promise of exciting activities, beginning with our Annual Food Fest on November 14th & 15th.
Many of you have already volunteered for this worthy project, but additional help is needed and will be welcomed. The raffle and silent auction shall be exciting as well.
Food Fest is the Sisterhood's primary money maker, and their contribution to our congregation's operating budget is vital. Please contact Laura Noe or Ann Engel and sign up to participate.
Again we welcome our newest members to our Family of Families.  With the children of our congregants, our religious school enrollment has risen considerably.
Your officers and board continue to monitor the daily operation of our congregation. Please call me with any questions or concerns you may have.
This New Year, it is my hope that you will  attend services more frequently and participate in our congregation's many worthwhile activities, that you will find most rewarding.
        Maury Wolfson

President's Message - September 2009 PDF Print E-mail

Dear Members of CBI,

Our long, hot summer is coming to an end, and we now focus on the New Year. We look forward to meaningful holiday services led by our esteemed Rabbi and our conservative rabbinical candidate Yonina Creditor. We are also about to begin our religious school and launch another year of stimulating Saturday Torah study sessions.

Our CBI Board has had several productive meetings. I am happy to report that the congregation’s financial condition is healthy. Our treasurer, office staff and accountants have revised our financial statements. They are now easier for the Board to comprehend.

In a recent Sunday retreat, our board of directors reviewed our past accomplishments. We set the goals that we hope to implement in the coming years.

I personally want to thank our dedicated officers, our board members, our various committee members and sisterhood for their service to our congregation. Without their efforts our congregation could not function.

Rosalyn and I are looking forward to spending the High Holy Days with you. May you enjoy good health in the coming year, a joyful Rosh Hashanah and a meaningful Yom Kippur.

Maury Wolfson

President's Message - July/August 2009 PDF Print E-mail

Dear Members of CBI:

My Presidency has begun, and truthfully I have a hard act to follow. Fortunately, during these past four years of our newly merged congregation we have had leadership of very exceptional quality.

First, we had Rona Train at the helm with all of her talents including her leadership skill. Rona was the perfect individual to bring to fruition the combining of our two religious institutions, and we thank Rona for all she has done.

Two years ago when Andy Lehrman assumed the presidency, we knew we had a dynamic leader with tremendous people skills, who handles the congregation’s many challenges with diplomacy. Andy has devoted his time willingly and I feel confident we can count on his input and support going forward. Andy leaves his presidency with Congregation Beth Israel in great shape. We thank Andy and Rona for jobs well done.

We are most fortunate to have Rabbi Roseman as our spiritual leader. His expertise and vast knowledge of Torah, our faith, history of the Jewish people, world geography and all religions is unsurpassed. Rosalyn and I have attended very many religious services and have yet to hear a Rabbi whose sermons are as dynamic and inspirational. Rabbi Roseman had the large task of fulfilling the merger agreement of two congregations. This task was not easy; however, our Rabbi has done his part in making the transition with compassion for all.

I feel confident that the officers and board members who will serve with me will use their diverse skills to insure a bright future for our congregation. Very, shortly, I will convene our entire board for a Sunday retreat for a brainstorming session. We shall will reflect on the past and suggest new ideas for the future.

I invite you to bring any suggestions that could make Beth Israel even more outstanding. Our congregation is a religious institution, but in many ways also a business. If you examine our budget with its many expenditures, you will see that we must each do our part and participate financially to the extent of one’s ability. I know that we can count on each of you to fulfill your obligation this year.

Congregation Beth Israel is blessed with having so many wonderful volunteers; if you haven’t as yet, please agree to serve on one of our many committees. You will feel better for participation; it is a mitzvah.

Thank you for electing me your president. I hope to warrant the confidence you have shown in me.

Thank you, have a wonderful summer and Shalom,.

Maury Wolfson

President's Message - June 2009 PDF Print E-mail

Dear Members of CBI:

        As my term as your President comes to end, I have mixed feelings. On one hand I am ready for the next President, Maury Wolfson, to take over and continue the momentum of our successful merger. On the other hand, I will miss working with several outstanding members of the CBI  without whose help we could never have accomplished all that we have these last two years.

        I would like to personally thank every Board Member who has served these last two years; all Committee Chairs and members; the staff of our Hebrew and Sunday School especially the Directors; our Ritual Committee volunteers who were always ready to step in as needed; our Cemetery Committee (who most of you never know) how much they fill a very important function CBI provides to its membership; our Dues Committee for what is, year end year out, a thankless but necessary part of keeping us in sound financial shape; the Endowment Trust Committee for making sound financial decisions; the Grounds Committee for making sure our grounds look presentable; Building Committee for making sure we maintain our physical structure’s integrity; Security Committee  and Mike Trimyer of CCPD for keeping us safe at all times; our Program Director Meredith Ryan and her many helpers for providing us with enlightening programs and Friday night Shabbat Dinners; the Scholarship Committee for ensuring that our kids can attend summer camp when not otherwise  able to; Adult Education Committee for providing us with the opportunity to attend very interesting and timely lectures.

        I would personally like to thank Rona Train and Maury Wolfson for the never-ending help and guidance to me which without I would not have been able to do what I did. I also want to give sincere thanks and appreciation to Debbie, our office administrator, as well as Natalie, who perform the daily functions needed without complaint to keep the Temple going, always with a smile and great attitude. Last, but not least, I want to thank Rabbi Roseman for his guidance, availability whenever needed, spiritual support and a shoulder to take my venting when no one else is around to do so.

         Finally I want to thank my wonderful wife, Iris, for putting up with everything that comes with this job; for her never-ending support and allowing me to take time away to serve as President. Hopefully, I have not left anyone out. If I have, I didn’t mean to. With that I say goodbye as President and wish Maury Wolfson only the best and Mazal Tov-he’ll need it but I am certain we are in good hands going forward.


                                                           Andy Lehrman

                                                           President CBI


President's Message - May 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Dear Members of CBI:

Frequently I am asked by various members of the Congregation why their annual Dues seem to increase every year. My initial response is to ask them if they have ever taken the time to look at our Annual Budget and the numerous line items that reflect the monthly and yearly expenditures that are required to keep CBI going. Most of the time the answer is no. I then provide them with a summary of what fixed expenditures are incurred every month as well as the unexpected expenses such as repairs to property, increased insurance premiums, replacement of items all of which need to funded to keep us going. Once this explanation is given, most but not all people respond “I had no idea we had all of those expenses to cover; now I can understand the need we have to ask for an increase.”

The others generally respond “we need to cut out everything that is unnecessary” or “why do we need such and such” or “ is everyone paying their fair share ”. .To those individuals, I respond back that “yes your Board of Trustees takes their responsibilities seriously in reviewing and approving the Annual Budget; whatever the Board feels is not a necessity, it discusses the merits and votes accordingly”; as to the belief not everyone is paying equitably, my response is both the Dues Committee and Board take very seriously their mandate is setting a fair dues structure and make every effort to get members to pay what is believed to be fair based on the information that is known to them.”

The purpose of discussing the above is to let everyone who is part of the CBI membership know your Board and Dues Committee strives to do the best it can to maintain the necessary funding needed to operate CBI with the resources it has available. In so doing tough decisions have to be made by those who volunteer their time without fanfare that will not please everyone. As I finish out my two (2) year term, I am very positive I leave CBI and our next President in as sound financial shape as can be hoped for with the caveat that the uncertain economic circumstances we all face with the present economy will in all likelihood require more sacrifices from each of us if want to maintain CBI as it is.As you have in the past I am confident everyone will rise to the occasion.

Andy Lehrman
President CBI

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