President's Message - August 2011 Print

Dear Members of CBI,

I want to express my deepest appreciation to the Temple Beth Israel nominating committee for submitting my name for President of the Board of Trustees and to all the congregants who attended and voted at the congregational meeting on June 16, 2011. Your kindness and confidence in allowing me to lead the congregation is a great honor that carries significant responsibility. Let me assure you I am personally committed to ensuring that CBI continues to be a vibrant organization that remains fiscally sound while meeting our congregation’s diverse needs.

In August, the Board of trustees will be holding a planning session in which we will discuss and select a reasonable number of activities the congregation will carry out this year. Through these activities we would like to better serve the needs of our congregants and make a significant effort to Tikkun Olam—help repair the world. These activities can be community, state, national or international in location and involve environment, education, health, poverty or any other area that is in need of “repair.” If you have ideas you would like the board to consider, call or e-mail the CBI office and leave your name, idea and contact number. With this information I will follow up and discuss your idea(s) with you.

Again, I thank you for this honor and look forward to not only serving you but working alongside you in making CBI a wonderful place of worship, study, and Jewish social life while improving the lives of others.

          Jim Gold