President's Message - December 2011 Print
Dear Members of CBI,

I want to express my genuine thanks and congratulations to Catherine Susser, Laura Hausman and the CBI Sisterhood for planning and conducting a most successful Food Fest. Their leadership and the Sisterhood’s commitment and work made the weekend an enjoyable experience for the entire Corpus Christi community. The food, desserts, raffle, auction, and vintage shop were all sensational winners.  The success of Food Fest has a secret ingredient—the dozens of volunteers who work for weeks preparing and then making Food Fest a reality during that special weekend in November. The purpose, camaraderie and teamwork bring people together in a special way that bonds our CBI community closer each year. I cannot name all the volunteers without missing some; however, I want each of you to know that the CBI Board of Trustees appreciates your giving of money and time to make this major event so successful.

Speaking of time—I would be remiss in not taking this opportunity to suggest you commit some time to participating in CBI activities. I encourage you to commit to attending services once or twice a month, participate in the Saturday study group, volunteer in the library or attend the 92nd Street Y live presentations via satellite. While these activities can add to our personal growth and spirituality they also provide a wonderful opportunity for congregants to socialize and become a closer families of families.
                   Jim Gold