President's Message - March 2012 Print

Dear Members of CBI,

April 1, 2012 is a very important night for CBI. On that evening we will be holding a special Congregation Meeting to make 2 significant changes to our CBI By-laws. The first is to expand the potential membership on the Endowment Committee to former Presidents of Temple Israel. The Endowment Committee oversees our endowment trust fund of approximately $1.6 million dollars. This fund represents both a present financial safety net for CBI and a source of funds for supporting CBI in the future. Most importantly, it symbolizes the final step in the merger process since all past presidents of both congregations will be eligible to serve on this most important committee.

The second By-law change is to allow the Congregation to vote electronically on Congregation business. This change is important since it has been virtually impossible to gather enough people for the Annual Congregation Meeting in June to meet the quorum requirements for congregation votes. The new rules would allow eligible members to vote via computer, mail or in person. 

In the next few weeks you will be receiving more information about this important event. Please feel free to call the CBI office or myself if you have any questions.

The Special Congregation meeting should only take 10-15 minutes and will be followed by a very special treat for all of us. Rabbi Bob Alper, who hails from Vermont will be delighting us with a wonderful evening of Jewish humor. His performance is sure to be an entertaining for all of us. I urge you to come, laugh and enjoy--you won’t be disappointed.

I want to thank the Sisterhood under the leadership of Robin Adams for the beautiful service they created and provided us on September 24th. Rikki  Schmitchel  created an original and spiritual service that was conducted so movingly by Sisterhood members. A special thanks to Laurie Bryce and Diana Stillman for their beautiful music that added so much to a special spiritual evening. I am already  looking forward to next years service.

Have a good month and I will hopefully see all of you on April 1, 2012 for the Congregation meeting and a wonderful night of entertainment.
     Jim Gold