President's Message - April 2012 Print
Dear Members of CBI,

In April we have at least 2 extremely important events that I want to address in my monthly column. First, is the April 1, 2012 Special Congregation Meeting that will be held at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary. The only purpose of this Special Congregation meeting is to approve amendments to both the Temple Beth Israel By-Laws and Permanent Endowment Fund By-Laws in order to (1) allow for electronic voting and proxy voting by CBI members at regular and Special Congregation meetings and (2) to allow past presidents of Temple B’nai Israel Synagogue to serve on the Permanent Endowment Committee. By enacting proxy voting and electronic voting every member of CBI including those homebound, travelling, or otherwise unable to make the meeting, can have a vote in Congregation business.  By extending the opportunity for Temple B’nai Israel past presidents to serve on the Permanent Endowment Committee we increase the number of potential members and complete the final step in the merger of the 2 organizations.

In order to pass all three proposals we need approximately 62 affirmative votes! Each family and each individual member of CBI has 1 vote. So I encourage you, if at all possible, to come and vote on April 1, 2012 so we can bring about these critical changes that will make our Congregation stronger.

After the brief meeting please join us for an evening with Rabbi\Stand up Comic Bob Alper who will provide us with an evening of Jewish humor seldom heard in Corpus Christi.

The second event in April I want to address is Passover. As we pour out the ten drops of wine to remind us of the 10 plagues set upon Egypt we might want to remind ourselves that there are many cruelties in the world today that could be considered modern day plagues.

The Haggadah lists several and you may add your own:
        *The making of war
        *The teaching of hate and violence
        *Despoliation of the earth
        *Perversion of justice and government
        *Fomenting of vice and crime
        *Neglect of human needs
        *Oppression of nations and peoples
        *Subjugation of science, learning and human discourse
        *The erosions of freedoms.

Perhaps this year as you pour the 10 drops of wine you might wish to include some of these modern day plagues first in your heart and then even out loud. For it is our fervent wish that these plagues would be cast out and all people could live peaceful, meaningful and quality lives.

                Wishing you the best,
                Jim Gold