President's Message - April 2013 Print

Dear Members of CBI,

We welcomed Spring with a wonderful and meaningful Temple Passover Seder in which Congregants participated by reading portions of the Haggadah and joyously recited a “Passover Rap.” I want to thank both Rabbi Roseman for providing us  a festive, thoughtful and creative Passover service and Phyllis Roseman and the Sisterhood for the delicious Passover supper. Coming attractions for the Spring also include Rabbi Roseman’s Sunday morning lecture series, Yom Hashoa, Israel Independence day and Shavuot.
Of course, we have Friday night services, Saturday morning traditional services, and Saturday morning Torah Study. All of these events are opportunities for each of us to separate from our hectic secular world and immerse ourselves in our Jewish heritage and traditions.  I encourage you to join us to learn, participate in our Jewish traditions or to just meditate and think—whatever works for you.

This spring members of your Board of Trustees with the leadership of Julia Noble and Richard Hausman also have been very busy in preparing for the important Town Hall meetings that will be conducted over the next few weeks. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of your ideas and opinions regarding the future of the Congregation. Through this process we will identify the activities and services you feel will meet our congregation needs over the next 5 years or so. Once that information is studied, the results will be used in three ways:

1. Through the Newsletter we will let you know what the Congregation members told us.

2. The Board of Trustees will be using the information both to support and improve current programs and create new programs and activities the Congregation feels we need in order to serve the diverse needs of our community.

3. This information will be used by the Rabbinic Search Committee to help complete our application and create a set of questions to be answered by prospective candidates. This will allow us to find the best Rabbi available  to lead us in providing our congregants the religious, educational, cultural, social, social action, and interfaith activities and services we have identified as a community.
We have a wonderful family of families, but like all organizations we need to see how we can get even better and ensure we are meeting the needs of our entire Jewish Community.
I look forward to seeing all of you at one of the Town Hall meetings. 
        Jim Gold