President's Message - October 2013 Print

Dear CBI Family,

     It has been a busy yet successful High Holiday Season.  I am pleased to see congregants pulling together to take care of the details throughout the synagogue. Extra special thank yous to the crew that constructed the temporary traditional sanctuary including Chris and Robert Adler, Carla DePena and Quentin Cook, Brian Honigbaum, Tim Noble, Andrew Sheinberg, Mike Hiatt, Jim Gold, Mike Trimyer, David Jacobs, Joe Hernandez, Gary Blum and Jeff Itkin.  We all owe a special thank you to Gary Blum who coordinates the entire traditional service throughout the Holidays. And we cannot forget to recognize Debbie and Robert Bustillo, who took care of cleaning over 50 chairs, which were used during the Holidays.  It truly takes a village to make it through the High Holidays.  And the entire village came though on the High Holiday Appeal.  At last count, the total collected for the Camp Scholarship High Holiday Appeal was  $5,500.00. Many thanks to all of you for making camp a possibility for our students.  Holy Cow is also appreciative of the extra funds generated in recognition of the Holidays.  If you have not had a chance to contribute to either project, it is not too late to consider a donation.

Your Board has also been hard at work.  The group attended a workshop to brush up on understanding the Bylaws and interpreting our various financial statement a few weeks ago.  Many thanks go out to Natalie Honigbaum for educating your board on the intricacies involved in our financial reports.  We have excellent attendance at all meetings and meaningful discussions and contributions from the entire group.  I am most appreciative of the preparation and time needed to be a board member.  
We are a small group but we can accomplish a great deal by working together.  Keep up the good work!

Suzy Hilliard