President's Message - July 2014 Print
No resting on our Laurels around here.  I am writing this article, following our celebration and recognition of Rabbi Roseman’s retirement.  As with most things in life, everything has a beginning and an end.  We have just ended The Roseman era, one that  we will look back on with gratitude and appreciation for all Ken Roseman did for Temple Beth El and Congregation Beth Israel.  Now we move on to Beginnings. On July 1, we welcome Rabbi Ilan Emanuel, his wife Randi and daughter Mira to both Corpus Christi and Congregation Beth Israel.  I am looking forward to the challenge of acclimating our new Rabbi to our Family of Families. A small congregation is not new to Rabbi Emanual, however he has spent the last three years in Toronto as one of three Rabbis in a very large community.  Rabbi Emanuel will bring a different perspective to CBI, having been educated during a different time period in the cycle of Reform Judaism.   In preparation for assuming the role of Rabbi for our Congregation, he has had many conversations with both Rabbi Roseman and me about our community and what to expect.  He also attended a Union of Reform Judaism conference on the first 100 days on a new pulpit.  He has been provided with the past two years of minutes of board meetings and has been receiving a copy of our bulletin, since he signed his contract last December.   Even with all of this time and effort spent learning about us, please allow him time and understanding while he becomes familiar with our congregation. (And as he and his family tries to get used to our lovely heat and humidity)

The Rabbinical committee will be meeting with Rabbi Emanuel on a regular basis to help guide him through his first year here at CBI.  If you have any questions going forward, please feel free to let me know.  Just a note, he will be spending some time at Greene Family Camp during the month of July.  This was his request and your board thought this would be a wonderful benefit to him, our congregation and of course Greene Family Camp.  As you may remember from our High Holiday Appeal drive, camp attendance by our Jewish children is important in maintaining and developing a strong Jewish Identity.  Next month, we will learn a little more about Rabbi Ilan, wife Randi, and daughter Mira and officially install him as the Rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel.   Until then, please join us at services this month and introduce yourself to our new leader.  

                                    Suzy Hilliard