President's Message - September 2014 Print
As I mentioned last month, your board was busy in August with various board meetings, committee meetings and a board workshop.   The workshop was led by Rabbi Emanuel, based on a session he attended at the URJ’s Meeting for Rabbi’s moving to a new congregation.  He knew our “story” about the merger, but what he did not know was our “story” prior to the merger, the stories of B’nai Israel and Temple Beth El.  What followed was an interesting walk down Memory Lane.    Following this conversation, we had other discussions which concluded with homework for the next Board meeting.  Many thanks go out to Rabbi Emanuel for leading this exercise.  

Now we move on to the holiest days of the year.  As you can imagine, Rabbi Emanuel and your board are busy preparing for the holidays.  Services are reviewed, Rabbi Trostser is consulted, Sisterhood is busy preparing to tempt us with treats, Debbie and Natalie work on the memorial book, and finally, your board selects an area to spotlight for our High Holiday Appeal.  If you will recall, Rabbi Roseman held several sessions about the new prayer book adopted by the Union of Reform Judaism.  The Ritual Committee in conjunction with Rabbi Emanuel and the Board of Trustees has decided to move ahead with adoption of the Mishkan T’Filah prayer book.  This book can be used for Shabbat evening services, including the possibility of a Saturday morning service.   The adoption of the new prayer book means we will be encountering a substantial out lay of cash in order to secure enough prayer books to accommodate  a well attended Shabbat Service.  We are asking our congregation to help cover the cost of these books, and in exchange you can publicly honor a loved one. We will gratefully accept any and all donations to the High Holiday Appeal, but will be able to offer a name plate for every $50 donation made to the fund.   Following the end of the High Holiday Appeal, I encourage you to continue to make donations to the Prayer Book Fund.  We will continue to place dedication plates in a prayer book for any contribution of $50.  We will be purchasing books over a several year period which may include festival services and some large print books as well.  

My Family and I wish you L’Shanah Tovah with hopes for a year of peace for Israel.  

                                Suzy Hilliard    
                                CBI President