President's Message - March 2015 Print

     March will bring two special events to our Congregation that are slightly out of the ordinary and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about each one.  On March 17, The Texas State Historical Society will be honoring the first rabbi of Temple Beth El with a Historical Marker placed at his gravesite in the TBE section of Seaside Cemetery.  The lengthy process to honor Rabbi Sydney Wolf was initiated by Helen Wilk, a longtime member of our community.   Nueces County is responsible for erecting the marker and paying for it as well, and your board gladly gave permission for it to be installed at the site.  I am thrilled that my childhood rabbi will be recognized in such a manner and I invite you to read the article located in this month’s bulletin for more information on this great man’s contributions, not only to Judaism in South Texas but for his work in general for the good of the entire community.  Unfortunately, both Rabbi Emanuel and Rabbi Roseman will be out of town on that date, but Carl Kuehn, who knew Rabbi Wolf well, will be honoring him with a benediction during the ceremony.  

     Another interesting event is a fundraiser for CBI.   Chaired by Ann Engel and Carol Rehtmeyer, and also brought to you by the generosity of Carl and Chris Kuehn, the musical evening is a new type of endeavor for Congregation Beth Israel.  The party will feature performances of Broadway music, predominantly brought to us courtesy of Jewish musicians.   In addition to the wonderful singing and dancing, food will be provided at two different levels.   A VIP event will be available at a premium price and will feature dinner, drinks and a preview of musical attractions to come.  The later event will be the main show and will be accompanied by dessert.  In addition to the evening being a fundraiser for our outreach programming, we  are using the event to reach out to unaffiliated Jews in the community.  We are attempting to contact other Jews in our community, and to share this evening with them as well.  This is not to say that this event is limited to the Jewish Community.  Everyone is welcome, and we hope to have a great turnout for the special evening.  

Suzy Hilliard                                                                                                                 

President, Congregation Beth Israel