President's Message - September 2016 Print
Beginning a new year….the last one passed so quickly, didn’t it?

The board of CBI had our first meeting this past week.  It was an excellent meeting and I’m optimistic we’ll continue with the same level of enthusiasm as we began last year.   Welcome to our newest Board Members….Gregg Silverman, Sue Williams,  Inna Klein, and Dianne Lee. So many things we’re looking forward to, and I’m pretty anxious to get the new year started.

Suzy Hilliard presented two new families for membership.  She told me she has another one for the next meeting.  That’s a great way to begin a new year, Suzy.  Keep up the good work.  Remember we’re counting on YOU to help us with membership.  Let Suzy know if you hear of a new Jewish family coming to Corpus Christi, or know someone who may be interested in joining.  

Mike Trimyer and Laurie Mintz are co-chairing the Fine Arts Committee.  They oversaw the work that was done on the Menorah in our front yard.  It is beautiful and we thank them for the meetings and work.  

Scholarship Committee, chaired by Mike Hiatt, will be reviewing our policies for scholarships for summer camps.  We have guidelines for the scholarships, but they need to be updated.  

Adult Education Committee, chaired by David Jacobs, reported on several Adult Education programs on our calendar for the coming year.  A “re-vamp” of the Film Festival, spreading the films over several months, and probability of very good speakers, including a Scholar In Residence for one weekend, program on Jewish Ancestors, an archaeologist,  musical programs, and other interesting events.

Men’s Club, headed by Greg Marks, reported some very interesting programs in the planning….How about a football party?

Sue Williams reported on the Homeless Initiative that we have become VERY involved in.  Sue and Eva Brown are both working very hard for this program.  Sue reports the call for the homeless for RIGHT NOW…WE NEED SOCKS….MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN SIZES….Grab a bag and clean out your sock drawer…Bring us some socks to distribute to the Homeless at various shelters.  Leave them in the bin at the door of the shul by the office.

FOOD FEST is right around the corner.  In fact, we have our first meeting tonight.  Jim Gold (Good as Gold) has stepped up to the plate again to co-chair the event, along with Rikki Schmitchel.  You’ll be hearing a LOT more about that.

In closing, after quite a bit of discussion on the High Holiday appeal letter we send out yearly, we have come to the conclusion that ….”Our house is a very fine house”, but our beautiful building (“our house” of worship) needs some major repairs that have been postponed.  I’ll tell you all about that in a letter that will be coming soon.

Hope you are well, and saving up some energy for Food Fest and the upcoming events.
     Chris Adler, President
     Congregation Beth Israel