President's Message - June & July 2017 Print

Time goes so quickly when we stay busy…It’s been a very busy month for us and we still have events and activities to look forward to at the end of May.  ONE of the Highlights of the month of May was our Always Andy  musical program at our Temple on May 21.  Andy was in our CBI High Holidays Choir for quite a few years, along with being in many productions at the Harbor Playhouse.    It was a wonderful event and 125 people enjoyed the afternoon program.  We were so enthralled & entertained  by the musical talent right in our own Temple.  Rabbi Emanuel was our “Star”.  He, and we, enjoyed every note of music presented to us by Kim and Laurie Bryce, David Hines, Flicka Rahn, and Ilan Emanuel.  We presented donations of almost $1800 to the Harbor Playhouse to fund summer camp workshops in honor/memory of Andy Moore.  It was a great outreach into the community at large and greatly appreciated by many who were close to  Andy and his wife, Brucie.

Our New Member Shabbat, on Friday, April 28, was widely attended by about 12 of our new member families, along with a large attendance of our members.  We introduced all of the new members, presented them with a “welcome to our family” gift, and then had a delicious dinner.   It was such fun and we enjoy having new people in our community and our Temple.  Welcome the new members and our visitors, and when you see someone you don’t know, stop and say hello.

Havdalah with the Hooks was another fun event.  George Kopf put that program together.  We met at Brewster Street Restaurant for a “no host” dinner and then walked over to the Hooks Field together and watched a great game.  Such a fun evening….perfect weather, great friends, and lots of fun….By the way, who won??? Most of us were so busy talking, laughing,  and eating, we didn’t see much of the game. 

Full month coming up….beginning with Mira Emanuel’s Bat Mitzvah. We’ll  be there cooking, and decorating, and enjoying all of the Emanuel’s relatives that are coming from across the country and grandparents from England.  We love celebrations like this one….happy times are best of all, aren’t they?

I’m sure there’s a calendar of upcoming events, but be sure you plan to attend the CONGREGATION DINNER on Wednesday, June 28, at 6 p.m.  David Jacobs is preparing “gourmet burgers” and other delightful dishes for us to enjoy…We’ll be installing a new slate of officers for the Temple and we need to give them our support.  See you there.

BTW….events that I have talked about don’t just happen….We have people who chair them, bake, come early and set up, help clean up, and many other helpful jobs.  I can’t name all of you, but a jillion thanks to Suzy Hilliard and a dedicated group of men and women for always showing up,  chairing events, filling in gaps, and helping out in so many ways.

Also, a couple of pictures attached on some important repairs we are doing at the Temple.  We had a leaky roof a time ago, and have started fixing it.  If you recall, our 2016 High Holiday funds were designated for general repairs to our building.  Thank goodness for that!!  We are using those funds for repairs.

Thanks to you all for all you do for our Temple.  YOU ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Chris Adler,
President Congregation Beth Israel