President's Message - March 2009 Print
Dear Members of CBI:

When CBI works right, it’s like a play on stage. There are actors and dialogue and scenery and events that take place in everyone’s public view. Services happen on Shabbat, and many of us are both in the audience and in the cast. Board meetings occur every month, and congregational meetings at least once a year. The Sisterhood gift shop is open on a regular basis. Religious school and Hebrew school are held on Sunday and Wednesday; we see the students and their teachers if we are in the building. We see these things happening.

But behind the scenes, there is action of which you may not be aware. Like stagehands and lighting technicians, make-up artists and others in the theater, they are the ones who make sure the show goes on. Let me tell you about just some of these quiet, often unseen, but very essential heroes of what goes on in our congregation.

Nancy Rogers goes shopping once a week to make sure that supplies are available in the kitchen for the Oneg Shabbat. You don’t see her coming in on Friday morning with armloads of groceries, but without her Shabbat would simply not be very festive.

Alan Yaffe patrols our halls and sanctuary with diligence and intensity. Very little escapes his notice. He and Sergeant Mike Trimyer make sure that there is never a threat to the security of our members or our building, and their unheralded efforts are greatly appreciated.

Rona Train and Leslie Green quietly go about the process of cooking and storing food in our freezers so that, if some member of the congregation is ill or bereaved, we can arrange for the Mitzvah Committee to take a container of soup or a meal to encourage a return to health.

Again, Rona and her associates; Dottie Heffler, Elinor Roosth, and Phyllis Rozen are very privately needle-pointing brand new, gorgeous Torah covers for our sanctuary. You don’t even hear them when they prick their fingers, but sometime this Fall, you’ll see the fruits of their labors when the new covers are dedicated in the ark.

Joyce Clark comes into the office every Wednesday and makes sure that all the Yahrzeit reminder cards are sent out at the right time and that the names are read from the pulpit on the correct Shabbat. Most of you never see this devoted volunteer, but without her the system wouldn’t work very well.

There are many others whose quiet dedication to the welfare of the congregation and to the functioning of our program is exemplary; the ones I have mentioned are only a few, but all of them deserve our appreciation and respect. What they quietly do for all of us is vital and irreplaceable. Next time you see someone doing a mitzvah for CBI, stop and say “Thanks.” They deserve it.

Best regards,

Andy Lehrman, President