President's Message - May 2009 Print
Dear Members of CBI:

Frequently I am asked by various members of the Congregation why their annual Dues seem to increase every year. My initial response is to ask them if they have ever taken the time to look at our Annual Budget and the numerous line items that reflect the monthly and yearly expenditures that are required to keep CBI going. Most of the time the answer is no. I then provide them with a summary of what fixed expenditures are incurred every month as well as the unexpected expenses such as repairs to property, increased insurance premiums, replacement of items all of which need to funded to keep us going. Once this explanation is given, most but not all people respond “I had no idea we had all of those expenses to cover; now I can understand the need we have to ask for an increase.”

The others generally respond “we need to cut out everything that is unnecessary” or “why do we need such and such” or “ is everyone paying their fair share ”. .To those individuals, I respond back that “yes your Board of Trustees takes their responsibilities seriously in reviewing and approving the Annual Budget; whatever the Board feels is not a necessity, it discusses the merits and votes accordingly”; as to the belief not everyone is paying equitably, my response is both the Dues Committee and Board take very seriously their mandate is setting a fair dues structure and make every effort to get members to pay what is believed to be fair based on the information that is known to them.”

The purpose of discussing the above is to let everyone who is part of the CBI membership know your Board and Dues Committee strives to do the best it can to maintain the necessary funding needed to operate CBI with the resources it has available. In so doing tough decisions have to be made by those who volunteer their time without fanfare that will not please everyone. As I finish out my two (2) year term, I am very positive I leave CBI and our next President in as sound financial shape as can be hoped for with the caveat that the uncertain economic circumstances we all face with the present economy will in all likelihood require more sacrifices from each of us if want to maintain CBI as it is.As you have in the past I am confident everyone will rise to the occasion.

Andy Lehrman
President CBI